East Passyunk Ave Restaurants


Will BYOB is located on Passyunk Avenue

1911 East Passyunk Avenue (between McKean and Mifflin Streets)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19148

tel 215.271.7683


Craig Laban's Review: EXCELLENT (3 Bells)

There was never any doubting the talent that fueled Christopher Kearse's artful modern French cooking at Will BYOB. But like many young chefs in the throes of avant-garde techniques, his early enthusiasm often translated into overwrought plates with a few too many flourishes that hindered, rather than helped. That was no longer the case, however, at a fantastic recent meal.


1046 Tasker Street (@ 11th)

Philadelphia, PA 19148

tel (267) 909-9704


Craig Laban's Review: EXCELLENT (3 bells)

The ice water looked good and Joncarl Lachman, thankfully, was headed my way. But not to pour me a drink. He was there for a mercy cooling. "You look warm - try this," he said, putting the frosty pitcher against my forehead and unleashing a deep laugh that rippled through the tiny dining room of Noord Eetcafe.



Izumi Restaurant

1601 East Passyunk Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19148

tel 215.271.1222


Craig Laban's Review: VERY GOOD (2 bells)

A recent survey or two of the dining room at Izumi might paint an unexpected portrait of who they are. At one end of the tall community table near the front window was a biracial couple on a date, their chopsticks dancing deftly across the vast and colorful palette of raw fish that filled the $50 sushi platter - a romantic sharing meal if there ever was one. At the other end of that table, three gay men gossiped in a haze of cologne through a line-up of crunchy maki rolls. A table full of stylish young Asians spent the evening more engrossed in the glow of their BlackBerrys than in actual conversation among themselves. Behind them, meanwhile, a table of beer wonks, loving the BYO scene, uncorked a steady flow of rare and exotic ales to pair with Izumi's food.


1520 East Passyunk Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19147

between 11th and 10th Streets

tel (267) 318-7341


Trey Popp's Review: EXCELLENT (3 Stars)

We expect a lot from restaurants these days. If they don’t transform liquids into powders or barrel-steep cocktails with homemade bitters, they’d better serve chickens that roamed freer than our children do. So when a forneria bowls you over even before the door whooshes shut as you enter, it’s time to ask what really matters most.

Pistola's Del Sur

1934 E Passyunk Ave

(Broad & Passyunk)

Philadelphia, PA